Vassa Invitation Ceremony and Sunday Dhamma Talk – July 22nd @5.00 PM

Dear Dhamma Friends,
Dharmapala Institute warmly welcomes you to attend and share the merits with family and friends at the Vassa Invitation Ceremonyon Sunday, 22ndof July 2018at 5.00 PM. We will have the monthly Sunday-Dhamma Talk from 5.30 to 6.30 PM, after the Vassa Invitation ceremony.
Vassa, also called the Rains Retreat, is the traditional period during the rainy season in eastern Asia, lasting for three lunar months during which time the Buddhist monastics remain in a single place, with an allowance to travel for up to seven nights at a time. The Vassa is followed by the Kathina season, which ends with the Kathina Ceremony, which is organized by the lay community. The Kathina Ceremony revolves around the offering of the Kathina robe to Maha Sangha, together with other requisites to support the monastic community.
Vassa at Dharmapala Institute starts with the ‘Vassa Invitation” ceremony on Sunday, July 22nd2018. This year Indika and Ayesha Gamage family, with the participation of the devotees and friends will bestow the Kathina robe to Maha Sangha. We invite everyone to participate at this event of “Vassa Invitation Ceremony”, which symbolizes the beginning of the Rains Retreat.
05:00 PM         Buddha Vandana & Vassa Aradhana
05:30 PM         Dhamma Talk
06:30 PM         Discuss & Plan the program for the Vassa 
07.00 PM         Closing remarks, Tea & Refreshments
With Metta,
The Organizing Committee
Dharmapala Institute
409 S Temple Drive 
Milpitas CA 95035
(408) 934-3985

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